A Firsthand Look at History’s Return Flight to Amarillo

Something you may not know, the City of Amarillo has an Air and Space Museum. 

I Just discovered this myself…

It’s on the outskirts of town adjacent to the airport, and if you’re not looking for it, it would be an easy thing to miss. 

When I was out there, it was to cover the landing of a B-25 earlier this week. 

This impressive bomber rolled out of an assembly line for the second world war, and is still as impressive as it was over 75 years ago. 

When I went to the airfield, I was given the chance to take a flight over Amarillo, and the view was outstanding. 

Part of the flight included going through a crawl space in front of where the pilot’s sit, and taking in the views from the front gunner position. 

Between the crystal clear blue sky above, and partly glass floors to see the ground, it was the best seat in the house. 

The saddest part of the trip was the plane landing, I could have stayed up there all day. 

The B-25 was only a temporary exhibit at the museum, but the museum itself has many permanent exhibits, and plenty of them that come and go. 

There are many ways to experience history, and the museum has these opportunities like the B-25 and the Flying Fortress a few years back. 

If you have an interest, you can visit and see what they have to offer, or visit their website to keep up to date with upcoming events.