The Amarillo Independent School District is set to receive 100-thousand dollars from the AmTech Company, to purchase new equipment for the AISD students that is set to open in August.

If approved by the City Council, AmTech plans to use the funds to buy equipment for the welding and aviation programs.

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation along with the Texas Workforce Commission joined forces to each give $50,000.

The goal of these funds is to invest in the next workforce generation.

At the moment, Amarillo Advanced Center for Learning which is the current training academy has about 1,250 students, but AmTech will replace this academy who has 2,600 students who are already pre-enrolled.

The equipment they plan to buy would double the number of students who could enroll in the courses.

Along with these funds, the Amarillo EDCapproved $5 million to be used as an incentive to bring the Casique Dairy company to Amarillo form California.