Amarillo Code Blue Warming Station Seeing Record Number Of Entries

Code Blue Warming Station is going into their longest activation period they’ve ever had, housing people for a tenth night in a row.

The non-profit housed a record 105 people last night and they expect tonight’s number similar.

On average, the non-profit provides shelter for around 60 people when they are open.

Since there were so many people, they had to expand where they normally keep everyone, so the overflow of individuals stayed in their lobby and food distribution area.

The non-profit is asking for donations like plastic spoons and forks, heavy winter gear and blankets as they are running low on these supplies from last night.

To keep up to date with with Shelter, click here.

The Shelter is also asking for supplies for those who utilize the shelter.

1)URGENT: Hand Warmers.

2) URGENT: Winter Gloves.

3) Scarves.

4) Give-away blankets.

5) Disposable bowls.

6) Paper Towels.

7) Lysol Aerosol Spray.

8) Pine-sol.

9) Pop Tarts.

10) Mac-n-Cheese Microwavable Cups.

11) Chef-Boyardee Microwavable Cups.

12) Coffee and Individual Sugar Packets.

13)Individual Hot Chocolate Packets.

14) Chips and other Savory Snacks.