Amarillo College Region 16 Collaborate

Amarillo College is inviting all Region 16 school districts to participate in a new digital record-sharing platform that will make it easier for students to apply to and enroll in colleges and universities.

The app allows students to store and share documents virtually that are required for college admissions like vaccinations, proof of residency, reference letters from teachers, awards and honors, essays they’ve written, college applications, as well as official high school and college transcripts.

If all area school districts decide to participate, it will give more than 23,000 high school students in the Panhandle this tool to help further their education.

Amarillo College will cover all costs for the first two years during their partnership with the record-sharing platform, GreenLight Credentials.

Everything is in place to begin immediately, but Amarillo College and GreenLight Credentials will present and invite school districts to participate at the end of this month.

Story by: Chuck Williams