Amarillo College Student Researchers Pinpointed Gene Activation During Photosynthesis

It’s possible that a team of student researchers at Amarillo College, having pinpointed gene activation during photosynthesis, can now enlighten them – which they will aim to do when they present their findings on an international stage.

The AC team’s gene research has been accepted for competitive presentation at the prestigious Undergraduate Research Poster Competition, part of the Crop Sciences Society of America Annual International meeting, November 6-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seven students who participated in AC’s STEM research internship last spring semester, using state of the art biotechnology techniques and gene expression, believe they discovered the factor that deactivates a gene which plants use to curtail photosynthesis.

Participating AC students were: Autumn Carroll, Sarinity Frazier and Taylor Gresham – each of whom will represent AC in Salt Lake City – and Luis Ordaz, Kristen Tatro, Kris Tyler and Kenia Villagran – each of whom has since graduated and/or transferred from AC.