Amarillo Covid-19 Level Change To Yellow, Wednesday Report Card

Level Yellow Status

The City of Amarillo has moved to Level Yellow of Covid-19 Status.

Yellow means continue to wear a mask when in public and around those vulnerable, use caution when in large groups or when traveling outside the community, and to patrice social distancing measures.

The Status Level does not implement nor remove any restrictions put into place by the State of Texas. The Status Level provides a series of recommendations for the community to implement to continue the fight against COVID-19 in the community.

The weekly Covid-19 Press Conference will move to every other Wednesday. The next news conference will be Wednesday March 31 and will continue every other Wednesday.

Wednesday Report Card

Amarillo saw 22 new covid-19 cases with 22 recoveries on the Wednesday Reported Card.

Potter County had 9 cases with 13 recoveries and 1 death.

Randall County saw 13 cases with 9 recoveries and 1 death.

The Amarillo Area Hospitalization Rate is at 3.90% with 337 active cases in the area.