Amarillo Landfill Bonds

The Colonies and Heritage Hills residents will be affected by a landsfill fee.

The city wants to issue over 10-million dollars in debt to address a new landfill with neighborhood park amenities.

Six point three million will go towards development at the landfill and the remainder at four point two million goes towards two public improvement districts to pay for the amenities.

City officials say the Certificates of Obligation does not need tax payer approval, and as the Amarillo continues it’s growth trend, the landfill starts to fill up.

The debt issuance is expected to be paid in full in 20 years.

The city will go through a mandatory bid process and then will start constructiona year from now.

On January 10th, Amarillo will start selling bonds and bring those to city council and will reccomend to council to award the debt issuance to the lowest bidder.