Amarillo Man Arrested After Stash House Bust

Amarillo Police have a man under arrest after finding 992 thousand dollars worth of drugs at a stash house

Alex “Crow” Halissi Bell was arrested after police received information on a possible stash house at North Mirror and South Virginia and during the investigation they learned the place was controlled by Bell.

Police had Bell under surveillance and followed him from his apartment to the residence on Mirror and found the house was producing 26 bundles of Methamphetamine.

At the house on South Virginia, they found a woman Monique Walker and a young boy in the home. Police also found a huge sum of money, more meth, handguns, packing material and a weight scale.

When the woman was interviewed by police she told them that Bell works construction and also stated the money found was Bell’s but she did not know where it came from.

Further investigation showed that Bell had no reported income and no valid employment of legitimate claim of the large sum of money in his apartment.