Amarillo See’s First Day Of Being Over 15% Hospitalization Rate

Amarillo is seeing the first day of the Amarillo Area Hospitalization Rate above 15%.

Amarillo Public Health Department Director Casie Stoughton said they are testing about 30 to 50 people a day with a 5 day new case average of 225.

BSA says they have 78 patients with Covid-19 and out of those patients, 32 are in the ICU and 22 are on ventilators.

Dr. Lamanteer with BSA said 87% are unvaccinated and most of them are under 60 years of age.

Northwest Texas Hospital says they have 46 patients with Covid with 22 in the ICU and 11 on ventilators.

The Amarillo VA is caring for two COVID-19 patients, one of whom is on the ventilator.

Starting on Wednesday, residents can start getting the 3rd Covid or Booster Shot from the Health Department.