Amarillo Sees Major Success With Walk-In Clinic

Amarillo is seeing great success with the Public Health Department Walk-Up Vaccine Clinic.

According to online data from, the Amarillo metro area is Number 1 in the nation in Covid-19 vaccinations. 

The Amarillo Public Health Department began providing the vaccine at the Amarillo Civic Center on December 30th and as of January 24th, 29,611 people have received it align with another 2,116 who have received the 2nd shot.

“A vaccination clinic of this magnitude is something Amarillo has never done before,” said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. “The City of Amarillo Public Health Department understood the mission: vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. They accomplished that by transforming the Amarillo Civic Center into an area-wide health clinic that is providing a crucial vaccine to thousands of people a day.

The Vaccine is free to those who are eligible to receive it with no appointment needed.

The Walk-In Clinic will be open from 9am to 5pm Monday, 11am to 7pm Tuesday and 9am to 5pm Wednesday through Friday as supplies last.

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