Led by trained museum educators, AMoA’s museum school classes offer in-depth art experiences that teach kids how to look at, talk about, and create art.

Young artists learn techniques in drawing, painting, clay, and many other such media of artistic creation as they subsequently explore various creative themes such as realism.

 This fall semester session will be ten full weeks of classes that encourage students to look, ask questions, and consider multiple methods and materials used to create art.

Classes are ten full-week sessions starting September 12th and ending November 16th from 4:00 to 5:15 pm.

Class schedules: 

Classes on Tuesdays include multimedia modem masters for students ages six to nine years of age and clay for students aged eight to eleven years of age.

Classes on Wednesdays include art adventure for students ages four to five years of age and clay for students aged six to nine years of age.

Story by

Nathan.John. McCollum.