Aquifer Field Day In Kress

Ogallala Commons will be hosting a field day on June 30th to educate on principles and practices to assist in stabilizing groundwater depletion. 

There will be presentations in the morning, followed by a visit to a site to observe practices of dryland farming. 

Lunch will be served, and will end with concluding thoughts at 1PM. 

Their goal with this meeting is to spread awareness and transition  local irrigated agriculture to rainfed agriculture. 

Registration cost is $20 per person, and RSVP is recommended to ensure a proper lunch count. 

Doors will open at 8:30, and will be located in Kress, Texas. 

To sign up for the event, you can call  Darryl Birkenfeld at 806-945-2255, or by email at [email protected], and registration can be paid at the door.