Area Health Officials: The Delta Variant Is A Equal Opportunity Virus.

During a special Press Conference Wednesday, Area Health Officials have moved Amarillo into the Level Red Zone of the Coronavirus Status.

With the City seeing more than two thousand new Covid-19 cases this month. Multiple criteria that puts the city in level red are now checked.

Thursday, Amarillo saw 211 new Covid-19 cases pushing the Hospitalization rate to 12.47%.

Dr. Todd Bell, City of Amarillo Public Health Authority spoke and said the Delta Variant is not the same as what we saw last year, It is an equal opportunity virus.

Health Officials from both BSA and Northwest Texas Hospitals say they are seeing patients of all ages who are getting sick and who haven’t been vaccinated.

They are also seeing a very huge shortage of beds which means those who suffer from a broken arm, have a medical emergency or those who get into a motor vehicle accident will have to wait for a bed to open.