Author King Hill will be holding a book signing for his second title “Under Patchouli Skies” on Sunday, April 23rd.

The event will be held at Aunt Eek’s Books and Curiosities, located at 2900 6th Avenue, from 1 to 3 pm.

The book is a fictionalized autobiography of Hill’s life similar to his first book “The Butterfly Decision”, and follows the main character Dax as he navigates his life in the 1970s as a college student and disc jockey.

Hill will also give away buttons during the signing with words such as “love” and “peace” to match the 70s tie-die theme, and both books will be available during the ceremony.

Mr. Hill’s book will be available for purchase at Aunt Eeks following the event, as well as online at Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.