Better Business Bureau Warns Of Storm Scammers

With the recent severe weather causing damages to residents’ homes the Better Business Bureau is reminding everyone to watch for storm season scammers.

What to watch out for:

  1. Make temporary repairs while waiting for a contractor to help. They will be busy during this time.
  2. Get competitive bids. Choose a bid that compares apples to apples and don’t go on lowest price alone.
  3. Check with your insurance company about coverage and specific filing requirements.
  4. Request A Quote from local accredited businesses at
  5. The City of Amarillo and most other panhandle Cities require roofing contractors to register and give proof of bond. Ask the company to see their City registration. BBB reports will have company registration information.
  6. Prepare a written agreement with anyone you hire. Review it carefully before signing for an outline of the work to be done, the materials to be used, and the price breakdown for both labor and materials and any special instructions or requirements. Never sign a blank contract
  7. Ask questions and if you don’t receive straight answers, choose another company.

Beware of:

  1. Companies who will not submit information in writing, or do not put their promises in a contract.
  2. Companies who use high pressure and intimidation.
  3. Blank contracts or holes in the contract.
  4. If a contractor states they are not registered at the City or that they have a state license.
  5. Paying cash or making a check out to an individual, instead of a company.
  6. Paying money BEFORE the work is started.
  7. Paying all the money before the work is finished.

The BBB says local companies will also be ready to help you and always make sure any company is BBB Accredited.