Boosie Asks Fans To Give Him Food Stamps

There’s never a dull moment on Boosie’s Instagram page. From strippers to asking fans to get him insulin, the rapper has a way with words and has no shame in asking for what he wants.

Recently Boosie took to his Instagram to ask fans to sell their food stamps to him.  “Boosie announcement, service announcement,” he said. “You got food stamps, I’m trying to get them b*tches. I’ma f*ck witcha gang. You see me in the streets, pull up. I’ma cash you out. You got food stamps, I’ma f*ck witcha gang. When you see me in the streets, you see me at a concert, you tryna get some cash, bring me them food stamps.”

Boosie later deleted the post and said that he asked for help because his grocery money had turned into child support money.

Although the exchange is common, Boosie must’ve forgotten that it’s also illegal. Yikes!

You can remain anonymous, but have you ever bought or sold food stamps?

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