Centikor Requests More funding From State

An Amarillo non-profit treatment center is asking for more funding to help clients suffering from substance abuse.

Centikor, opened in fall of 2020 with 12 detox beds, and only one of them is funded, and the wait list to get into the detox center is growing.

The program is asking less than a million dollars from the state to get more beds so it does not have to turn anyone away. Currently, There are ten people on a waiting list to get in.

Centikor staffers say their main clients are abusing opiate drugs laced wirh fentanyl.

Last year, Texas covered nearly 40 percent of clients needing detox beds, and in 2020 the amount was doubles.

The group is now Getting calls from Odessa and Plainview asking for help, since the only other detox provider in Lubbock closed two years ago.