City Church is planning on feeding thousands of children this summer.

Every summer, different youth groups from across the country join local volunteers at city church to deliver a homemade lunch to kids in different Amarillo neighborhoods.

The senior pastor of the church says there’s more than enough food to make sure every kid has enough food to supply a hot item, fresh food, cookies, even fresh pop corn.

The program feeds around 1,500 to 2,000 kids a day, but last year, due to the pandemic, church volunteers had to do all deliveries themselves, which resulted in fewer children being reached.

The feeding program runs from June 14 until August 1, and is just one of many initiatives the organization has available for local low income families.

The organization is currently working on its summer camp, which serves a little more than 100 kids and is completely free.

The Church is now asking the community to help with monetary donations or by volunteering their time to help deliver the meals