City of Amarillo Covid-19 Update

With Covid-19 hospitalization rates dropping daily, the City of Amarillo is preparing to open up previously closed and restricted facilities and businesses.

If the city remains under that rate by the end of the day, Amarillo will no longer be considered an area of high hospitalization.

Officials with the Amarillo Public Health Department say they have delivered 29, 855 first doses of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and 9,545 second doses.

BSA is caring for 46 patients hospitalized with 17 of those in the ICU.

North West Texas Hospital has 40 Covid patients with 18 of those in the ICU.

The City does remind residents that the Statewide Mask Order from Governor Abbott is still in effect.

The Local ordinance that provided an enforcement component is no longer in effect as the City dropped from being an area of high hospitalization rates.