The Amarillo City Council will meet again Tuesday. This marks a rare three-in-a-row for the council which met each Tuesday of the past two weeks.

Before the 3 pm meeting, the council will meet for a 1 pm work session where it appears the focus will be the Alex Fairly vs. Amarillo lawsuit and subsequent ruling of Judge William Sowder concerning the Amarillo Civic Center.

Paid parking downtown is listed among the agenda’s discussion items for the regular meeting. During a recent meeting, councilman Tom Scherlen asked that it be added as he and some citizens have some questions concerning paid parking.

3-year agreements between the City of Amarillo and American, Southwest and United airlines are also on the agenda. The approval to award almost $117 thousand dollars to a vendor for repair at the Hollywood Road Wastewater Treatment Facility for repair and equipment, incl;uding a refurbished gearbox will also be considered.