CoA Reaches 100,000 Covid-19 Vaccinations Given Out

The City of Amarillo has officially administered 100,000 Covid-19 vaccinations at the walk-in clinic.

Dale Dunn, a 69-year-old resident of Canyon, who received the 100,000th vaccine on Friday said “The entire process was much quicker than I expected – it took about 10 minutes. It was great,” “Our granddaughters live with us, so we all feel a lot better after doing this. We have been staying at home a lot, and we are looking forward to being able to get out and do things.”

As of Thursday, APHD administered 63,330 first doses of COVID-19 vaccine and 36,210 second doses.

Sandy Dorlean, a traveling nurse from Miami, Florida administered the 100,000th vaccine to Dunn.

“It feels good just to be a part of this (public health clinic),” said Dorlean. “To know that we are helping people and fighting this virus is something that is really enjoyable and fulfilling.”

“Amarillo Public Health Department staff and Amarillo Civic Center staff are doing a phenomenal job of providing this life-saving vaccine,” said City Manager Jared Miller. “It is remarkable what has been accomplished in only a couple of months. Amarillo’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic has become a standard for others to emulate.”

You can stay up to date with the walk-in clinic at the Civic Center by going to Amarillo Alerts dot com.