Dangerous Amarillo Intersections

You better be careful traveling along the streets of Amarillo.

The Amarillo Police Department has just released a list of the most dangerous intersections in the city.

The South Coulter Street and Hillside road intersection is ranked as the Number one most dangerous with 17 crashes there from June 1st of 2020 to the end of May this year.

Several Other top intersections for crashes include South Grand Street and South Washington crossings at I-40 and there are three intersections off of Bell Street with at least 10 crashes at each location.

APD officials say there is not much difference in the numbers and it’s pretty much the same each year.

They say naturally the more vehicles you have, the more crashes you have.

APD says they plan to have increased law enforcement in the areas to cut down on the number of auto wrecks.


Story by:  Chuck Williams