Domestic Violence Court Cases On The Rise

Since the Pandemic Amarillo has seen a rising number of domestic violence-related cases.

Family Support Services and the Randall County District Attorney’s Office are looking into the reasons why.

Both offices say the numbers are starting to reach a leveling-off point, but courtrooms are starting to see a backlog of Domestic Violence cases

Family Support Services are working to educate survivors on the dangers of it

Starting next month, Randall County will have an extra court, to deal specifically with Domestic Violence cases, lowering docket numbers and getting to cases faster.

Family Support has helped in getting the word out by doing assessment screening for danger and also helping at the same time about the dangers of the situation and directing them to county legal services.

Randall County officials are pointing out that domestic violence is a definite community problem, and Amarillo needs to support survivors of domestic violence.

If you’re affected by domestic violence you can call a 24-hour hotline at 806- 374- 5433.