DPS Increases Road Patrols Over Spring Break

The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced it will be increasing enforcement for the holiday, and urges drivers to stay cautious while out having fun.

The DPS is stepping up enforcement efforts due to expecting traffic to pick up over the holiday.

DPS Texas Highway Patrol Troopers will increase traffic enforcement as part of Operation CARE (Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort) from March 13 through March 21, including St. Patrick’s Day.

DPS said that Troopers will be looking for intoxicated drivers, speeders, people not wearing their seat belts and other violations.

During the 2020 Spring Break enforcement effort, DPS Troopers issued more than 59,000 citations and warnings, including 5,580 speeding citations and 824 seat belt and child seat violations. Troopers also made 398 driving while intoxicated arrests, 315 fugitive arrests and 175 felony arrests.