Dr. Eddy Sauer not running for another term

Amarillo City Councilmember for Place 3, Eddy Sauer, has made the decision to not run for a fourth term for city council.

This comes from an announcement from his own Facebook page.

A huge thank you and shoutout to Mr. Sauer for his hard work and dedication to the City of Amarillo.

Councilmember Sauer’s Final Address-

Hey Everyone!
I want to take a moment during this Christmas Season to say Merry Christmas from our family to yours. May the Lord richly bless you as we celebrate, honor, and marvel at the coming of the Lord Jesus!
I also want to announce that I will not be seeking a fourth term on Amarillo City Council. I am so grateful and humbled by the citizens of Amarillo who have given me the opportunity to serve in this capacity. It is truly one of the highlights of my life. When I first announced my intent to run for office 6 years ago, I stated I had 2 main goals. First, to bring back civility to local government and second, to help make Amarillo a place where my kids wanted to come back and raise their kids.
Honestly, the civility part was easy! You simply act nice, listen, and be kind! As for making this a place where my kids would come back to raise their kids? That takes a lot more effort, but we are definitely headed in the right direction! From the completion of Hodgetown and the Sodpoodles minor league baseball to the many new businesses in Amarillo, we are making headway with more than 4,000 new jobs coming online in the immediate future and even more down the road. From the Amazon Fulfillment Center to Cacique Foods to Albers Aerospace, including the Department of Defense announcement of the award for production of the Bell V-280 Valor. When you add the I-27 designation of the Ports to Plains project announced this year, Amarillo is primed for exponential growth!
In preparation for that growth, this City Council has spent the past 6 years creating Master Plans in the major departments of the city to address these new needs. From a new Transit plan that includes a new Central Bus Transfer hub and new state of the art buses to our IT department with its much needed upgrades. This also includes the new Broadband Plan for our city that brings internet access to every home and will set the standard that others emulate nationwide. We have also added to the strategic water rights the City owns and controls that guarantees in excess of 250 years of water supply. We continue to fund additional police officers and fire fighters and their equipment and facilities to keep our residents safe and secure. All of this is done while maintaining the third lowest municipal tax rate in the 30 largest cities in the Texas.
We must make educating our kids a must! Our start is the Thrive program which gives our kids the real chance of 2 years of college at AC that is paid for with this program. We have also help make the WTAMU downtown campus possible. It now houses several degree plans and the entire Nursing School program. One of the best wins for Amarillo has been the establishment of the Texas Tech Vet school campus. This has been decades in the planning and development along with heavy lobbying of our State Legislature to land this fine institution! The potential for future research related business is astounding! We will be one of the only places where you find a vet school, med school and pharmacy school on one campus. We are beginning to attract some of the brightest minds in the world to the best place in the world!
I cannot leave out quality of life improvements! Quality of life will keep the people we attract to Amarillo here! I have had the honor and opportunity to help start the Beautification and Public Arts Advisory Board. Since it’s start in 2018, we have seen 65 murals commissioned in Amarillo many coming from the Hoodoo Mural Festival, which has given Amarillo the national spotlight again. Beautification in our parks has begun to ramp up with the first art installation last fall in Sam Houston park with many to follow.
This Council has watched over the first ever Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This will forever change how we handle our parks in a positive way. From new bike trails to new lighting for our sports complexes to retiring the 80 year old Thompson Park pool and replacing it with an attraction that’s draws from the entire Texas panhandle. All this allowing us to plan for and take better care of our Parks! This also includes the newly built Santa Fe Pavilion that will be completed in the spring. It will be a multi event venue including youth sports including possible volleyball and basketball tournaments. When we look toward the future, we must address the many needs of and for the aging Civic Center. It plays a vital role in the life of the city and we cannot do without it!
We have also begun to address the individual neighborhoods in the city by funding 4 neighborhood action plans developed by the neighborhoods themselves. They are North Heights, Barrios, San Jacinto and Eastridge. All to highlight, revitalize, preserve, and promote the cultures in our diverse community. It really brings out the best in us all. We have also helped help secure the future existence of some of the iconic institutions of our city culture. We have worked to insure that the American Quarter Horse Association remains in Amarillo. The AQHA is synonymous with Amarillo and it will stay that way. We are working to support Kid’s Inc. They have a plan to develop a youth sports complex that will be state of the art. This has the probability of supporting collegiate athletics for both AC and WTAMU. This will be in existence soon.
I know I have missed some things. There are so many that have occurred over the last 6 years. I will finish with this one last thing that is the MOST important… THE PEOPLE!! I have met so many people and made so many friends and acquaintances that probably would have never occurred if I was not on City Council. YOU are what makes Amarillo great and it has been my honor and joy to have served!
Thank You Amarillo!
God Bless!
Eddy Sauer
(Source: Facebook)