Dumas Economic Development

Dumas has a large number of multi-million dollar projects that have broken ground or are scheduled to start building next year.

The impact of three large investments is definitely driving up demand for housing.

The Dumas Economic Development Corporation has approved selling land in the Dumas Business Park to let a new apartment complex with 65 units to be built.in the first phase.

Environmental Living Industries is building a hemp factory creating 35 jobs and another factory is expanding its blueprint with a new factory creating as many as 75 jobs.

A 350-Million-dollar Project is also being built, and a cheese factory and three other dairies in Moore County could create as many as 220 jobs.

Dumas officials anticipate several other support and service companies will also be wanting to have a location in the Dumas area.

All of the current projects are expected to be complete between 2023 and 2025