EOW  Balance Endurance Strength

We normally talk about exercises and how to do them, but do you know there is something that you should do before you go to the actual exercises, and that’s the warm-up.

Try these to get your body ready for more strenuos and specialized body part exercises.

Try a Roll Down..Stand erect with your arms at your side and slowly reach down (or Roll down) to try and touch your toes. Slowly roll back to an erect standing position.

The Shoulder Bridge… Lie on your back with knees bent. Lift back and pelvis up to form a bridge Hold for 4 seconds

The Alternate Leg Lift…Lie on your back with legs on the floor. Float one leg up and down. Then, do the other leg. Keep your pelvis area stationary.

For each of these exercises try to do 10 repitions. Make sure you check with a doctor before undertaking an exercise routine.

On behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy..I’mChuck Williams for Eye On Wellnesss and I’ll catch you next week with another wellness tip on KGNC