We all know stress can take a harmful toll on your body.

Here are some ways to calm down and heal it.

Move your body, you’ve heard me say it more than once. Exercise to burn off stress chemicals and heal the mind. It’s been proven exercise is better than Prozac.

Clean up your diet from mind robbing molecules like caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars

Vitamin supplements. Take a multivitamin and other nutrients to help balance the stress response, such as Vitamin C and B-Complex Vitamins like B 6 and B 5.

Take a hot bath every once and a while. A hot bath or Sauna helps your body deeply relax and turns on the reaxation response.

Change your beliefs, consider reframing your point of view to reduce stress

On Behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be Well and Stay Healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye On Wellness on KGNC