EOW Cycling Technique

With the start of Cycling’s Century season here are some tips to keep in mind. Don’t worry these tips are no cost to you.

Keep your cadence up to 100. Find a gear that’ll allow you to maintain the 100 revolutions comfortably. If you find your rear end bouncing in the saddle shift one gear up, and if you have trouble keeping it at 100 shift down a gear.

This technique works well in the flats or rolling hills.

Make circles not squares when your peddling. You are not a ballerina, so don’t point your toes. Keep your feet flat on the peddles. You get the most peddling power both the force down and up force on each stroke.

To keep your hands from getting numb on the handlebars, move them around on bars while riding and don’t lock your elbows.

You’ve got to strengthen your abdominals. Try crunches, leg lifts. Strengthen your back muscles with back extensions with resistence, as well as planks. and strengthen your arms with push-ups for the biceps and triceps.

You should find improvement in your riding a a few weeks

On behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy.

I’m Chuck Williams for Eye on Wellness and I’ll catch you next week on Eye On Wellness on KGNC