It’s Paleo, It’s Vegan, it’s Complicated Just what is it.

Pegan is a complete mash-up of the two. On the diet, eat what you want, whatever and how much of what you want as long as 75 percent is plant based and 25 percent is sustainably raised animal products.

The Pegan diet reduces inflammation, prevent chronic disease and promotes weight loss while also taking care of the planet.

What you can’t have is non-organic produce, vegetable oils, dairy, and more than a half cup of cooked grains and legumes daily and soy and artificial sweeteners.

The good part is eating more plants are always beneficial. Fruits and vegetables help to fight anti-oxidents as well as fiber.

There are no restrictions of calorie, macronutrient, fat, or protein carb restrictions. The not so good there is no solid proof that any foods excluded from the diet like dairy or legumes in moderate amounts can produce poor health.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, I’m Chuck Williams For the Care Express Eye On Wellness. Have a good Week and I’ll catch you next week on Eye On Wellness On KGNC