EOW-Holiday Health

We all know how hard it is to stay in shape during the holidays.

Mixing the food, the drink and staying away from the gym, is a volatile combination.

Here are three ways to get around that combination.

Plan ahead, staying with family members? Check around for any gyms that sell day passes
or ask family or friends if they have any exercise equipment you can use.

Staying in a hotel? See if they have an exercise room.

Get Prepared..

Not sure of your surroundings ? Bring a workout plan with you that you can do in your bedroom.

Bring resistance bands with you, they pack well in your luggage. Nothing like a quick strength exercise whenever you can catch a few minutes.

And number three, Use every opportunity. Get creative and find ways to move your body.

If everybody around is looking at football, get on the floor for some sit-ups or pushups. If that doesn’t feel right, try isometrics.
Squeeze and hold the abs, glutes, or even press your hands together to engage the chest muscles.

And walk as much as possible, use the stairs, take extra laps around the mall or even volunteer to walk the dog.

On behalf of KGNS’s Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, I’m Chuck Williams. Be well and stay healthy and I’ll catch you next week on Eye On Wellness on KGNC.