EOW How To Unwind Without The Booze

Here are some ways to unwind and de-stress.without hitting the bottle.

Try cueing up the comedy.. Laughing produces gamma waves, the same hi-fi brainwaves generated during a solide meditation session. The anticipation of a laugh can reduce stress Hormones and this is proven by medical science.

Do things on your own. You do yard work and shopping on your own, so why not Do the fun stuff alone.Go to the movies, a concert, or visit an art gallery. Sounds like an excuse to treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Rock out… Chills from your top workout song signal your brain is pumping out Dopamine, a pleasure chemicalals released by alcohol.

And then you can take a warm bath… Study participants with depressive symptoms who took a warm bath for 30 minutes felt better than those who did about 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. German researchers found tha taking a is a whole ordeal , but hey its good for you.

Just doing these things will help you to relax without hitting the bottle.

On behalf of Care Express Eye on Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay Healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye on Wellness on KGNC