EOW Hurry Up And Get Fit

For those of you who’re looking to get fit for competition, try these exercises

First… Stress gets a bad rap, but in the right doses, it’s actually good for you. You can actually build your body system slowly by picking up your aerobic pace for hours at a time, or you can speed up the process by imposing stress for a shorter time but for much harder periods.

Both can help improve your mitochondria, the little energy factories of your cells.

Research shows that while longer, lower-intensity exercise increases the number of mitochondria, higher-intensity training makes them stronger

High intensity training or HIT for short, builds powerful mitochondria and improves VO2 max and your lactate threshold.

Try kettlebell workouts.. At two interval sessions and watch the VO2 max, peak aerobic power output, and endurance increase by 2 to 4 percent.

On Behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden Be well and Stay Healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye on Wellness on KGNC