EOW – Mobility

The main goal of a mobility workout is to get the body strong enough to move through full ranges of motion.

These two exercises will strengthen two major muscle groups, stretching the chest and stabilizing the shoulder blades

Stand facing away from a wall, with feet, butt, and back against it. Lift elbows to chest height, with elbows bent and back of hands against the wall, like a goal post. Extend arms overhead keeping them as close to the wall as possible.

Then pull elbows back down to chest height. Repeat for ten repetitions.

Lower Trunk Rotations.
Stretching the deep core muscles and the glutes.

Lie faceup, knees bent, and feet planted with arms down at your side. Drop both knees to the right side. Then bring them back through the center and to the left side. Continuing alternating for 5 reps per side.

Remember in order to gain strength, you have to move !

On behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay healthy.. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye On Wellness and we’ll have some new exercises for you next week on KGNC.