EOW – Pilates For Aerobics and Runners

Here’s a warm-up for runners looking toward Pilates.

Roll Down- Stand erect with arms at your side and slowly reach down or roll down to your toes, and slowly roll back up to the erect standing position

How about the alternate leg lift. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Lift your back and pelvis up to form a bridge and hold for four seconds.

Alternate leg lifts. This is good for the core area warm-up lie on your back, legs on the floor Float one leg up and down.

Then do the other. Your pelvis remains stationary.

Now for several exercises. Scissor legs… Lie on back float legs up and lift your head. Scissor legs up and down ..Do five reps of these.

Single leg Squats … Again, stand erect and lunge one leg forward while squatting on another leg. Alternate leg positions.

And, calf raises Stand erect on toes, on curb or stairs. Lower and raise your body Hold the raised position for three seconds.

On Behalf of Care Express Eye On Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams and I’ll catch you next week on Eye on Wellness on NewsChannel 10-2 and KGNC