EOW Scapular Retraction

This week’s exercise focuses on the shoulders or Scapular Retraction.

You don’t need any equipment other than an elastic tube or an old bicycle inner tube.

Anchor the band or tube to a pole and then face the anchor with the tubing end in each hand.

Arms are elevated and elbows bent to 90 degrees, keeping your forearms forward.

Pinch your shoulder blades together and rotate your forearms up.

Do 20 times per set, for two sets, 2 sessions per day.

Another exercise is resisted extension. Hold tubing in right hand, with your arm forward. Pull arm back, keeping your elbow straight. Repeat 15 times per set, alternating hands and arms, doing 2 sessions per day.

On behalf of Care Express and KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden. I’m Chuck Williams for the Care Express Eye On Wellness, Be well and stay healthy, for Eye On Wellness on KGNC