Here are some stress relief valves. Stress is defined as when you perceive that a task has overwhelmed your ability to complete it.

Here are some simple ways to get over it.

The first one is simple. Ask for help! If you have problems with your finances, you ask a professional or someone you trust. Use this as a way to get down to the meat of the problem.

Take a Stress break. To charge your phone, you have to plug it in. To charge your brain you have to unplug it. Look for opportunities to stop multitasking.

Use the quieting reflex to signal to your body that all is well. Smile inwardly to yourself, then take a deep breath. Visualize hot air coming up from your feet, through your body, and filling your lungs. Then exhale as you follow the same sequence in reverse.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be well and stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye on Wellness on KGNC