EOW-Time Trial Mistakes

For those of you into cycling, specifically time-trialing here are 10 common mistakes, not too make.

Starting out too hard. it can lead to a significant loss of time… Work into your effort over the first minutes of the event. If not you may never hit your goal pace.

Not warming up hard enough…Simply spinning before the start of the time trial is not activating and properly warming up the energy systems.

Changing out equipment or position too close to race day. Train with the position and equipment you plan to race with

Too High or low a cadence during the event. Race with the comfortable cadence you’ve been training with.

Completing warm-up efforts too long before start time..

Attempt to finish your last hard warm-up effort as close to the start time as possible. Within ten minutes is optimum.

Allowing split time to mentally affect your efforts. The very best riders will often ride negative splits and not let a competitor’s fast early splits affect their personal pacing strategies.

And finally, not pushing hard enough from far enough out from the finish. Learn when you can open up the throttles and sustain max effort to the finish.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay Healthy, I’m Chuck Williams for Care Express Eye On Wellness, and I’ll see you next week on KGNC