Navigating the wellness factor is also for the caregiver, as well as those we give care to.

Here are some practical things that can benefit both, for the caregiver’s peace of mind, and also the person they’re taking care of.

 Be there for every hospital stay. Face it, hospitals are understaffed and things fall through the cracks. 

A woman marched a meal tray back to the nursing station because her husband, a diabetic suffering from heart disease and kidney failure, was given a meal of forbidden foods.

Doctors change a medicine order and forget to sign it.  These are just two instances where a third eye can help.

Learn the terrain.. Be there for morning rounds and get to know the nurses you will be dealing with. Make sure you bring a light jacket or sweater. Hospitals keep their temperatures cool. Your loved one is warm but you are on your own

You don’t get extra credit for doing it alone. When friends ask if they can do anything, tell them directly YES  Tell them specifically, what you need or need done.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach, Rhonda Lahnert, Be Well and Stay Healthy… I’m Chuck Williams for Eye On Wellness on KGNC