“Fill WITH HOPE” Shooting Event

The Canyon Hope Ministries program, is expected to host a clay shooting event at River Breaks Ranch from 8 a.m. through noon, June 18.

FILL WITH HOPE is a program operated by the nonprofit organization Canyon Hope Ministries. It provides Hope-Totes each weekend of the school year to Elementary, Intermediate, Junior & High School students.” states the organization’s website,

“Hope-Totes consist of fruit juice boxes, pop tarts, cereal, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, animal crackers, fruit bars, beef sticks, ravioli & peanut butter

Team packages are available (four shooters, four lunch tickets) for $700

Individual packages are available (one shooter, one lunch ticket) for $175

Check-in for the event is noted at 8 a.m., with the shoot beginning at 9 a.m.

Raffles and awards are expected to follow the event


Story by: Chuck Williams