First Briefs Filed COA Alex Fairly

The city of Amarillo and Businessman Alex Fairly are fighting again with arguments over the Texas Seventh Court of Appeals in Amarillo, emphasizing what portions of Retired Judge William Sowder’s judgment each side believes he got wrong.


Sowder ruled the city violated many Texas laws including the Texas Open Meetings Act as well as others in the process of issuing $260 million in anticipation notes to fund the expansion and renovation of the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.


Both sides are looking for clarification on the ruling by issuing notices of appeal, with the city stating at the time that the ruling creates an “area of confusion” on how entities can issue debt.


 Fairly’s team also challenged the ruling, stating that Sowder should have stressed in his decision that the city of Amarillo failed to impose a tax in the Civic Center funding-related ordinance, violating 1431.008(b) of the Texas Government Code.