Gen Z Economics With Cheyenne Hunt

Generation Z is an interesting group of people, to say the least. Whether it’s regarding the workplace, technology, or many other facets of society, Gen Z is at the forefront of consumerism and economics now more than ever before. 

Cheyenne Hunt, J.D. is a Gen Z authority and policy advocate who details ten beliefs and behaviors driving the global economy. 

From a financial standpoint, Hunt had this to say regarding the idea of saving within Gen Z and how mindful they are, based on recent hardships in our country. 

With new ways of making money like cryptocurrency and NFTs, Hunt explains the importance of Web3, an initiative to decentralize the internet. 

Prices on everything have gone through the roof over these past few years, and for Gen Z to get a foot in the door to be in the workplace, Hunt is straightforward with what is seen as a success for this generation. 

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