Gun Violence In Amarillo

Gun violence in Amarillo is on the rise.

Harvard University and the Amarillo Police department are detailing the increase in violence is among area youth.

Most of the cases committed in the city are committed by young adults or juveniles, with about 15% among school aged youth.

It’s estimated that the median age of the offenders is 28-years-old.

The experts say most of the gun violence is being done by men of color who are the victims and offenders, because most have violent histories and have also had run-ins with the criminal justice system numerous times, and a lot of them have priors that started at a very young age.

Solutions to the City of Amarillo’s problem could be in implementing intervening at the schools and looking out for students for mentorship or service programs.

The experts say without intervention the gun violence problem in the city, both gang and individual, will only get worse