Hawaii Launches Campaign To Promote Islands As Remote Office With A View

How would you like to start your workday in paradise? That’s what Hawaii’s  “Movers and Shakers” campaign is promoting in an effort to lure former Hawaii residents back home.

The first 50 approved applicants will receive a free roundtrip ticket to Honolulu in exchange for the applicant’s pledge to respect Hawaii’s culture and resources and commit to working at nonprofits several hours a week.

There are concerns from residents about the new campaign, mainly the rise of property values that could push residents out and force them to move to the mainland.  The upside is Hawaii’s economy, which has been known for its low-paying jobs, could force many Hawaiians to move to the mainland in order to seek better pay. Remote workers would bring their higher salaries to Hawaii, boosting its economy.

Would you consider moving to Hawaii if you could keep your current job? If you could work remotely and live anywhere in the world, where would it be?