Hobert Brown Set To Run For Amarillo City Council

Today started out like any other day on The Chat. Chuck Williams tried to get me to see it his way by yelling at me. Shannon Gray tried to prove me wrong (another epic fail on both fronts). And my friend Hobert Brown dropped in.

Brown a retired Marine, and I an Army Vet have a long-standing battle over the ONLY FOOTBALL GAME THAT MATTERS! The Army-Navy contest.

After The Black Nights of the Hudson put a beat down on the tadpoles, Gunny Brown wanted to make good on our bet, which was the loser had to wear the colors of the winner.

Brown talked about the young women and men who attend these service academies. How most played their last football game and in six months to a year they would be protecting our freedoms across the globe.

With that sense of service Hobert “Gunny” Brown then announced his run for Amarillo City Council Place 1. 

The Marine said he wants to be the voice of the people. He cited our many conversions about talking a good game and actually getting off the bench to get into the game.

Brown said that he hopes to be a one-term council member saying “ If I am doing my job, I won’t need two terms”.

I cannot tell you what kind of council member Brown will be, only time and your vote will tell.

What I can tell you is that every day he will stand up for the voiceless, he will fight for those without power, and you will get a full day of work.


Roll On Marine Roll On  

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