Homeless Heroes

A lot of River Road residents have deep concerns over Potter County donating 10 acres of land to the non-profit, Homeless Heroes.

the land is located on Willow Creek between Vinewood Street and Potter County Fire Station 5. Over 100 residents showed up at a meeting Thursday night, signing a petition against the home village for veterans along with a community center.

Most complained the project was dumped on them with no questions asked, and the main worry is that they want veterans but the location is not the best.

They cite city services, no public transportation that runs to River Road, and no sidewalks or shoulders on the road, making it unsafe to walk around.

The issue of mental health also comes into play. Residents pointed out that a gun and bow and arrow club, and fireworks in the area could trigger PTSD in some veterans.

Many residents also feel their homes would be devalued. The Group Homeless Heroes Will be holding a meeting on February 7th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. The location has not been determined yet.

For more information on the meeting go online to homeless heroes. com