K-9 Hounds Drug Dealer At Bus Station

Amarillo Police have arrested a man for possession of drugs at the Greyhound Service Station.

On Oct. 1, an Amarillo police K-9 officer who was working at the Greyhound Service Station found a grey and black piece of luggage that was positive for narcotics in the passenger compartment.

While searching in the bag, Police found 10 Ziploc bags wrapped tightly in cellphone wrapping that further contained contraband.

The officer found a tag with information of a phone number, a destination, and the name of “Tony Delgado.” They then spoke to the bus driver confirming there was a “Tony Delgado” on the roster.

Agents then made a plan to arrest the owner of the bag during his re-entry into the bus.

“Delgado”  was later identified as Semein Cruz.

The drugs are worth around $362,000.