Lil Baby Responds To Criticism Regarding His Performance At The Grammys

Lil Baby faced backlash, mainly from people of color, who criticized his Grammy performance for portraying black trauma for the entertainment of a predominantly white audience.

Speaking out about the performance Lil Baby tells Billboard, “I wanted to use a specific situation that would give people an understanding of where I come from, I didn’t really want to use the George Floyd or Breonna Taylor [killings] or something. I wanted to use something that stood by me. [Rayshard Brooks’ killing] happened in Atlanta, and I live in Atlanta, and I’ve been in some of those same exact situations.”

Lil Baby says that when he’s not on stage he’s living the trauma of friends and family being killed by the police or locked up for crimes they didn’t commit, “I’m still that same guy who could fall asleep in my car one night, and I could wake up to police in front of me.”

Do you agree with Lil Baby’s reason for his Grammy performance or do you think putting the trauma within the Black community out on display is a bad idea?

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