L’Oreal Bans Animal Hair in Its Makeup Brushes

Cosmetics brand L’Oreal has just announced that they’re banning goat and any other animal hair in its makeup brushes.

L’Oreal is the largest cosmetic and beauty company in the world and made the decision to change its makeup brushes after pressure came from PETA to stop using badger hair in its products.  I understand the demand for vegan products in the beauty industry has been on a steady rise – but does that give PETA the right to pressure organizations into changing their practices? If we can use every part of a harvested animal, including the skin/hair, then why shouldn’t we?  There are plenty of vegan makeup brushes on the market and I personally don’t think L’Oreal should ban the use of animal hair in their products based on PETA’s bullying.

What do you think?