Lubbock Auto Chase and Crash

A stolen vehicle auto crash led to the arrest of a fourteen-year-old-boy crash in Lubbock, early Wednesday morning.

At 1:30 a.m. police got a report of a stolen car at 1st and Akron Avenue. Police attempted to stop the vehicle and the chase was on.

The car was being driven by the boy and attempted to make a turn onto 19th Street when it went out of control and left the street and smashed into the Texas Tech Plaza Building, breaking several windows.

Police say five juveniles were in the vehicle. the 14-year-old three 13-year-olds and another 12-year-old.

They all suffered minor injuries and were treated.

Charges against all five include Evading Arrest, Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, Unlawful Carrying of a weapon, and possession of Marijuana.

All five boys were taken to the Lubbock County Juvenile Detention Center.